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We deliver nationwide and on special request we can accommodate international collections and deliveries

Air Freight

Among the fastest ways to convey cargo at this present time is air cargo, where the cargo in transit is loaded onto an aeroplane and then sent towards it destination. This process is further expedited when shipping known airfreight as the contents of the cargo have already been verified to be as listed on the airway bill. In order to maintain a given cargo units known status, it is required that the cargo follows a secure chain of transportation. All involved participants in this process are required to be Air Security trained and have undergone a background check to verify their history and identity.

MB Transport is proud to say we have been part of this secure logistics chain for many years and have trained all our drivers in the handling and associated procedures with known air cargo, ASA Competency Any flaw in this process could lead to cargo losing its known status and incurring the associated costs and delays of shipping unknown cargo. With this in mind, to further help MB Transport maintain its compliance to this secure process, we have a qualified Air Freight Security Manager on staff to organise and supervise the transport of air cargo.

Their duty is to constantly stay informed of all regulations on a daily basis and ensure all regulations are implemented and adhered to in a professional manner. They are also on hand to answer any and all enquires related to the transportation of Air Freight. With their help, you can rest assured that your cargo is always in expert and informed hands.


If time is of the essence and you need the transit time only air transport can provide MB Transport will deliver. We have strong relationships and purchasing power with the premier airlines to ensure rates are competitive and the highest level of service is achieved. Our customers span a wide range of industries - pharmaceutical, perishables, food, industrial spare parts and consumer goods. Perishables being our specialty.


In cases of emergency we can organise hand-carries and we are available 24/7/365 to answer your call. As part of security control, drivers are directly employed by MB Transport and fully trained MB Transport provide daily trunks linking Shannon and Dublin airports to Heathrow, Manchester, Schiphol, Frankfurt, Paris. Our drivers are ADR and GDP-certified as well as being aviation security trained which allows them to pick up and deliver from airports too.

With ever-increasing levels of security being employed through airports here and on the continent, the reliability and reputation of your transport partner is of key importance. We take these concerns seriously and ensure all our drives meet the required levels of training and certification for the job in hand. MB Transport is trusted throughout Europe for our dedicated transport service.

Our Fleet

MB Transports fleet is equipped to deal with many specialised cargo requests with many trucks trailers on hand to deal with any large cargo consignment. With temperature-controlled vehicles ranging from the large cargo capacity of an Articulated Truck trailer to the small capacity of a van, we can accommodate any shipment.

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