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We employ multiple drivers who are ADR certified and trained to haul hazardous and dangerous goods

In-house DGSA

We firmly believe and maintain in practice that uncertainty has no place when dealing with hazardous and/or dangerous goods, and as such, we employ multiple drivers who are ADR certified and trained to haul hazardous and/or dangerous goods who are constantly made aware of the necessary procedures to safely transport such goods. To ensure that MB Transport is always acting in compliance with Irish and EU legislation, and with the best interests of our clients, we saw it as an imperative to hire and train a Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor.

Their role requires them to be constantly on-hand to answer any and all enquires relating to hazardous and/or dangerous goods. It is their duty to constantly research and implement all new regulations and safety measures to ensure the health and wellbeing of everybody involved in the transit of dangerous goods. Under their supervision, you can rest assured that any dangerous and/or hazardous cargo we transport is handled with the utmost care and expertise (Possible Alternate: you can rest assured that your cargo is in safe and capable hands at all times). With their help, MB Transport maintains its compliance on a day-to-day basis.

Our Fleet

MB Transports fleet is equipped to deal with many specialised cargo requests with many trucks trailers on hand to deal with any large cargo consignment. With temperature-controlled vehicles ranging from the large cargo capacity of an Articulated Truck trailer to the small capacity of a van, we can accommodate any shipment.

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