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MB Transport can help reduce costs and ensure safe, legal waste disposal for your business

Waste Haulage

Disposing of waste responsibly is not just a duty to the environment. Whether you are creating waste at home or as a business the EPA requires by law that you take responsible steps to look after any waste you create and to prevent its illegal disposal. That's why our clients turn to MB Transport to ensure their peace of mind.

We work with various businesses to ensure cost effective disposal of waste within a carefully monitored waste management strategy. Helping them reduce costs and ensure safe, legal waste disposal. We are a C2 registered Company and hold an all Ireland Waste Collection Permit. We are permitted and insured to collect construction and demolition waste, waste timber and green waste from the 26 counties in the Republic of Ireland.

Our Fleet

MB Transports fleet is equipped to deal with many specialised cargo requests with many trucks trailers on hand to deal with any large cargo consignment. With temperature-controlled vehicles ranging from the large cargo capacity of an Articulated Truck trailer to the small capacity of a van, we can accommodate any shipment.

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